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120 Roll Film Developing C41 & XXL Prints

120 Roll Film Developing C41 & XXL Prints

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Colour C41 Film developing & Printing
FujiFilm C41 Processing - Replenished and process controlled.
XXL prints are;

8x8" - Square Format
8x10" - 6x4.5 or 6x7
8x12" - 6x9 

Negative cutting depends on format. 6x6 = 3's, 645 = 4's etc..

NB: XP2 and Other C41 B&W Films will be printed on B&W Paper.

Standard or Hi-Resolution available. Digital ICE on Scans. 
Files sizes depend on shooting format. See our section on scanning for more details. Black and White Film developing 120 Formats.

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