Collection: Mounting and Framing

Add the ultimate finish to your favourite images with the HARMAN Lab mounting and framing services.

Once we have printed and processed your image we can add the definitive finishing touch by mounting and matting your finished print.

Mounted and matted prints can be shipped ready to drop into your own frames, or we can provide a choice of Classic gloss black, or contemporary Polished Silver finish frames to complement you images.

We have carefully selected mattes with a subtle texture, and a white that compliments the black and white and colour paper base tone. High quality glass is used in all frames.

We will handle all the resizing and have mattes cut for common aspect ratio's. If a small amount of crop is required, this will be sympathetic to the image.

NB: You can also have an existing negative or print scanned, printed and framed. In this case simply place your order and indicate the negative reference rather than uploading digital files.
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