We offer two levels of Scan quality, Low and Hi-Res.

Our 35mm and 120 scanning is done on a Fuji SP3000 scanner. This is a high quality scanner which affords a good balance between productivity and quality. It is not the very best quality and certainly not up to the standard of e.g. Imacon or drum scanners, however you would pay many times the price for these type of scans.

Our Sheet film scans are made on an Epson Pro Flatbed scanner and are of a similar quality to our other scans.

Low res scans are perfect for viewing on screen or for sharing via social media, and for small prints. 
Hi-res scans will do all of this, plus be good for larger prints, or further editing in a graphics package such as Adobe Photoshop.

Scanning Size

The scan size varies somewhat with the format of the film. Hi-res 35mm full frame is 4500x3000 pixels, (13.5 megapixel). Files are saved as JPG files in the size range approx 3-6mb.

Low-res 35mm scans will be approx 1800x1200 pixels, (2.1 megapixel). Files are around 200-500kb in size.

Please note.

We often get questions about file sizes, megabytes, megapixels, jpg's, tiffs etc...

Megapixel Mp (1 Megapixel = 1 million pixels) is a measure of the number of pixels in an image. i.e. the number of pixels vertical multiplied by the number of horizontal pixels.

Megabyte Mb (1 Megabyte = 1024576 bytes) is a measure of the size of the saved file and this size varies depending on the file format, and the image content. e.g. Jpeg files which we supply compress the data so as to give a smaller file size. Our typical Jpegs are 3 - 6mb in size. The same image saved as a Tiff file might be in the region of 20Mb.

Downloading vs CD
We offer our film scans via download link or on CD. Download link allows you to transfer the files direct to your computer or mobile device.
We use the We-Transfer Service, files will arrive as a zip file. If saving on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, we would recommend the use of the "We download" App. This is allows you to bulk unzip the files direct to your device rather than individually.