What chemistry is used to process the films?

Traditional B&W films are developed in ILFORD ILFOTEC DD chemistry in a Refrema Dip and Dunk processor.
Chromogenic B&W films such as XP2 and Kodak CN400 as well as colour films are processed in Kodak C41 chemistry.

Can you process other manufacturers films?
Yes, we can accept 35mm and 120 films from any manufacturer.

Can you accept colour films?
We can process and print colour films both 35mm and 120 format.

We can also offer a Develop and Scan service for colour films if you don't want prints.

What about E6 Slide film?
We can't process E6 film unfortunately

I have found an old exposed B&W film, can you process it?
We often receive old exposed films which have been uncovered from storage. It is important to contact us before sending the films. In all cases, we will adjust the processing to suit. We will also normally charge process only should no images be usable. We recommend old films should be shipped recorded delivery to our direct address.



What paper do you print to?
For Black and White printing we use Harman GDS RC. This is a medium weight panchromatic black and white paper available in pearl and glossy finish.
For Colour printing we use Fujifilm DPII - This is their Fuji's professional quality colour paper.

What chemistry do you use?
For Black and White, we process our paper using ILFORD 2000RT Developer and Fix.
For colour material we use Genuine Fujifilm chemicals for both film and paper processing.

How are digital prints exposed?
We use laser devices to expose the photographic paper.


Old Pre-Paid Mailers

Will you still honour old mailers?

Yes, we will still honour the old mailers but you should change to the new address.
New address labels can be downloaded using the link on the film order pages.